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We are "natural parenting" a precocious
eight year old, Adeline Brett, her three year old sis, Eliza June and their wild baby brother, Silas Augusten.

Homeschooling ...

Enduring lots of craziness ...

I am living with the life altering, disabling chronic illness
(postural orthostatic tachycardia - POTS) as a stay at
home mommy, wife & small business owner.

But most of all, we are thanking our lucky stars
that we are reveling in lots and lots of love and happiness.

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{ the little moments matter most }

Posted on March 19, 2012

Moments like these are every day, all day occurrences … but always my favorite part of life. Reading and snuggling time, which always leads to nursing time … and then more reading and snuggling (unless it ends with a nice, long nap). These are the parts of my day that I adore and will always remember the sweetness of my babies (and Addie is always with us during these times too … she just happened to be hard at work with some projects during these photos). :)

Eliza has played with my hair while nursing since she was born. I can *not* wear my hair up because of this reason … or rather, have to take it down each time we nurse and snuggle. She also puts her little foot up in the air for me to kiss it … and then the opposite foot is lifted up next just to be sure both footsies are covered. :)

It’s so sweet how each child has their own special things they do with me .. for Adeline it was my “bows” (my elbows), which she would absolutely have to have available to touch and hold while she nursed and cuddled. Then she started putting her feet on my “bows” and refused to wear tights or socks so she could easily kick off shoes and “me touch feet to bows!!” With Eliza she freaks if my hair isn’t down, ready to be gently (and sometimes not so gently – ouch!) tugged and stroked while she nurses.

For the record, there wasn’t anything at all here “showing” (my swimsuit would actually be more revealing) … however, to squelch any lurkers who might send me another raving lunatic message about beautiful, modest nursing photos being “repulsive and disgusting” (one woman even called it “porno” … LOLOL!!!), I did a little blur. 😉

There is a saying I have seen that says, “Enjoy the little things in life, for some day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” (quote by Robert Brault) Evening walks in the sun with my girls, husband and dog. Feeling my baby’s breath on my shoulder while she naps and being blessed enough to nurse her to sleep every time she drifts off. The way my daughter’s face lights up with joy when I clap my hands together and say, “Let’s build a fort!!” The dimples on my baby’s chubby, squishy and precious knees, hands and toes. Hearing my older daughter talk to her baby sister in a hushed voice, thinking I’m not listening and as she says, “Our mommy is the sweetest, prettiest mommy ever – we are really lucky. She’s going to teach you really cool things just like she did with me,” and topping it of by calling her sister “Honey.” Watching Adeline brush our horse and sneak her peppermints before walking her back out to the pasture after a long ride. Being silly and jumping on the bed with my family and hearing the giggles filling up our little home. These are the little details that I cherish and revel in every day – simple, beautiful, pure joy.

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