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Posted on December 22, 2011

Catching up with Matilda’s latest antics. This gal is amazing … we’ve gone on two out of town trips this mont and each time she manages to get there before us (she can fly pretty fast you know)!

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On Adeline’s sixth birthday we woke to a very loud sound … Miss Matilda had the song “Kriss Kross Will Make You Jump” playing *very* loudly through the house and as we walked into the family room we discovered the bounce house filling the room from wall to wall! We had a couple days of nothing but bouncing in the house (and, yes, you can bet I was in there with the girls … although Scott almost made the thing collapse on itself, LOL).

Before Adeline’s huge Rock Star birthday bash (which I am just finishing the photo edits for posting very soon – they are awesome if I don’t say so myself!), Miss Matilda decided to have a little rock concert for herself. Again, we woke to very loud music (all of Addie’s favorites – Johnny Cash, some Ramones, etc) and playing her heart out for a huge audience of little creatures forming a little mosh pit. She was dressed in studs and holding a black guitar under the lights of Addie’s punk party tree … she even had a band of ducks playing with her.

Here Matilda is after building a little “castle” for the girls … she spelled out Hi ABM (Adeline Brett Manning) and EJCM (Eliza June Clementine Manning … yes, it’s long, but it’s because Scott wouldn’t agree to Clementine for her first name and Addie and I loved the name so much – so we tacked it onto the end!) … LOVE, MATILDA. :)

Oh, that Matilda! She got into my purse and was Christmas shopping on Amazon! She did have some nice things on the list for the girls (although, as you’ll find from future letters from Matilda, she doesn’t really know that much about babies – under Eliza’s name she simply wrote, “Baby Stuff?”), however, she also had a number of things just for herself … candy canes, cotton candy, maple syrup you see her adding to the cart. All my credit cards and some cash were laid out and she was in the middle of a purchase when we caught her – and I have a feeling that a certain bottle of maple syrup is going to be showing up on our front doorstep here at Sunriver!

Over last weekend we went on a little trip to Portland and Adeline was terribly worried that Matilda wouldn’t be able to find her way to where we were staying. We woke to find her inside the little playhouse nana gave the girls with the rock party tree decorated for Christmas, a Christmas book propping open the door and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows waiting for Adeline. Her note reassured Addie that she would find her way to our hotel for the weekend.

When we arrived at our hotel we were amazed to find Matilda waiting for us in our room (she had the window propped open from flying in earlier). The little map Adeline had made her was all crinkled from the flight up and laying next to her along with a crowd of little horses in honor of our weekend seeing the show Cavalia.

It was so cold in the room from the window being left open that we cranked the heat up and went to sleep toasty warm. We woke to find Matilda inside a bucket of ice with a “Too Hot!” note next to her … I guess we forgot that elves are used to the cold weather of the North Pole and might not appreciate the cozy, warm room!

The second day we woke in Portland we found her on my computer writing a little note to Santa. The most enjoyed parts of the letter (according to Adeline’s giggles) were, “Eliza a great kid – she does poop in her pants a lot and pulls her mommy’s hair, but I think that is normal for a baby … this is my first time around a baby – is that normal?? She also eats garbage off the ground – is that normal?? Otherwise, she’s a really cool little kid.”

After returning from our little Portland trip we packed yet again and were off to Sunriver for a week for Christmas. This time we were not as worried that Matilda would make it there okay without us. Here she is all packed with her own suitcase (yes, a candy cane is a necessity!), reassuring us she would see us in Sunriver. She even had made a little felt stocking (again, stuffed with candy) to take with her for the holiday vacation. We, again, left her a little map to let her know where we would be.

And here she is again … sitting in our room waiting for us! She is amazing!! She was in the bedroom with the TV on watching Polar Express and had made a trail of broken, half eaten candy canes all the way across the room. Tsk, tsk.

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