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We are "natural parenting" a precocious
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(postural orthostatic tachycardia - POTS) as a stay at
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But most of all, we are thanking our lucky stars
that we are reveling in lots and lots of love and happiness.

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{ did I mention we love dirt? }

Posted on August 3, 2011

Summer has us busy with sunshine and dirt filled days … how many photos of my kiddos in their grime covered glory can you stand??

Bath?? Who needs a stinkin’ bath?? Scott snapped this iPhone shot of little Eliza’s hard working feet as she nursed to sleep after an exhausting day playing in the garden. I think that dark stuff is smashed blueberry stains, the rest is just good old fashioned garden compost and dirt. :)

photoshop actions mommy blog iphone photo elements

My joy filled, silly girl …

photoshop actions mommy blog photo elements

Some of the purple coneflowers I’ve planted in the garden …
photoshop actions mommy blog photo elements

And for those mom’s out there who ask me how my kids always look so perfect for photos … ummmmm, hellooo – my kids are kind of a nightmare to photograpgh most days. I give you these …

Getting the two of them in a photo together is nearly impossible and I usually end up with this – Addie looking all loving (and probably squeezing too tight) and a miserable, crying Eliza who is fighting to get out of big sister’s clutches.

Miss nose picker – self explanatory.

And miss “I will put *anything* in my mouth, most especially my shoes, in order to thwart your picture taking endeavors.”

Fighting over a cup of ice …

And big sister takes off with the ice, leaving little sis crying after her (we finally came to an agreement to share after this) …

But for all those shots (which I happen to love because they really capture the essence of *real* life for us), I get one of these in the bunch – showing her serious (and way too grown up looking – especially for pausing in the middle of swinging wildly) side …

photoshop actions mommy blog photo elements

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